e84 控制器

e84 控制器

  1. 專利PC版的layout與配置
  2. 程式軟體的編寫與測試
  3. 客戶信賴與穩定度的展現
  4. 多家設備廠商使用經驗
    (UXC / SXIC Cycle time in both Fab are over 2 millions times )

e84 控制器 產品外觀


  1. Power by 24VDC, 2.5 power Socket(24V 1.5A Min 17V~Max 30V
  2. LEDs Indicators Light
  3. 8 set External Sensor Add on Socket
  4. Industrial PC controller and Customize Software(applied able to connect MCS/EAP( Sec Protocol)
  5. Dimension: 11CM*11CM*3.5CM

e84 控制器 Product Charts and Logs

E84 Signal Standard Timing
(Single Handoff (LOAD))

E84 Signal Standard Timing
(Single Handoff (UNLOAD))

System Integration
(Software Communication)

  1. User Friendly GUI, simple setup environment, can set IP and also can communicate with MCS/EAP(SECS Protocol)
  2. One IPC can maximum Control 10 sets of E84 Controllers
  3. Extenable software workable with MR or AGV for future extensions
  4. Easy Logs Views can cached back 6 month logs
  5. Controller Firmware update and 1 year warranties
  6. IPC specs Intel I7 CPU and 16 GB Ram (I5 CPU , 8GB RAM Customizable depending on project scope)

Product Comparison

System Integration

Our E84 Controller can support SEC Protocols communicate with Factory Material Control System(MCS) , and all the data in the E84 Controller/IPC will sync with MCS while communicating using SECS

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